Disclaimer and Release

I understand and accept that to signup to You2Mentor (Website), the below disclaimer and release of mentor and/ or mentee will be applicable based on my chosen subscription with You2Mentor.

I understand that as a mentor, I would not (1) recommend goods or services from sources in which he/she has an interests, (2) Maintain the confidentiality of all information shared within the mentoring relationship, (3) use the website for lawful purposes only, (4) provide accurate information, (5) Maintain boundaries appropriate to a mentoring relationship to ensure the safety of participants, (6) Advise You2Mentor immediately if a problem arises in inappropriate behaviour, (7) no personal contact details or financial information shared with other participants and (8) no fees or commissions charged from this counseling relationship. In consideration of the furnishing of management or technical assistance, you waive all claims against You2Mentor arrising from this assistance.